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Welcome to Holistic Angels® Spiritual Mentoring Services

We are passionate about empowering, enabling and inspiring you to step fully into your divine truth and wisdom. Helping you to reconnect to your innate spirituality, on your unique soul path.

Mentoring is based upon an empowering framework, as you are the spiritual expert in your own life. Our role as your spiritual mentor, is to facilitate your inner journey. We do this by offering you a space where you can explore spiritual concepts, themes and understand how your sacred connection affects all areas of your life. After all we are spiritual beings living within the physical plane of Earth’s dimension.



What is Spiritual Mentoring?

Spiritual mentoring facilitates the exploration of your own spiritual identity. It isn’t therapy or counselling. But, it is an inner voyage of discovery, as you navigate your spirituality and how it is an important aspect of who you are.

Spiritual mentoring isn’t based on any one religion either. Whatever your spiritual or religious beliefs, spiritual mentoring is a supportive collaboration, between you, the mentee and your mentor.


Who is Spiritual Mentoring For?

Spiritual mentoring is for you if you want a safe and confidential space to explore the spiritual aspects of your life. Whether, your spiritual journey is a new one, or if you’ve been on the spiritual path for many years, spiritual mentoring can help you navigate your inner connection to the Divine.

As it isn’t based upon any one set of religious or spiritual beliefs, everyone can enjoy the journey that spiritual mentoring presents.


What are the Benefits of Having your own Spiritual Mentor?

The benefits are many and include: –

  • A safe and confidential space to explore your spiritual dimension
  • A bespoke service based upon your unique needs
  • Sacred time devoted to your spiritual and personal growth
  • A non-judgemental and collaborative relationship focusing on your spiritual goals and learning
  • Encouragement as you move forward on your spiritual path
  • A listening ear as you explore and make sense of your spiritual life.
  • Helps you have a more ‘holistic’ approach to life i.e. mind, body & spirit

How is Spiritual Mentoring Structured?

We realise how uniquely personal your spiritual identity is, because of this the services we offer are tailored specifically to meet your requirements. Mentoring is therefore flexible to meet your personal needs and circumstances and doesn’t have to be time limited.

Of course, you may just want a one-off session, which is completely fine, likewise you may want more longer term mentoring. Whatever choice you make we’re very honoured to support you on your spiritual journey.


My Role as Mentor is to: –

  • Facilitate your personal spiritual journey
  • Guide you as you seek answers to your divine truth and wisdom
  • Respect your confidentiality
  • Enable you to participate confidently during each mentoring session
  • Actively listen with an open heart
  • Support you as you explore your spirituality and the context of it within your life
  • Encourage you to take inspired steps that honour & respect your spiritual journey
  • Guide you towards a greater level of spiritual fulfilment
  • Help you to flourish and thrive spiritually


Your Role as Mentee is to: –

  • Be an active participant on your spiritual path
  • Turn up at the agreed time & place for each session (unless you have given 48 hours’ notice in writing to cancel)
  • Make a commitment to honour the divine essence of who you are
  • Explore, discuss & develop with an honest and open heart the areas that you have identified in your personal spiritual action plan
  • Commit to your ongoing spiritual growth

As more and more people re-connect to their innate spirituality, there is an emergence of a plethora of spiritual based information that is accessible, both on line and digitally. This is great, as it means that you have a lot of choices available to you. On the other hand, it can seem overwhelming, as you scroll through pages of information, especially if spiritual mentoring is a new concept to you.

Alyssa and I, created our spiritual mentoring services, to remove perhaps some of the fears and mystery that can often surround spirituality. So, that you become empowered, on your spiritual path. Our belief is that spirituality and spiritual based support should be as freely available and akin to say, going to the hairdressers or having a massage or even a trip to the local bookstore.

Your spirituality is intrinsic to who you are. It’s part of your DNA, just as you have a unique set of fingerprints, you also have your own ‘soul-print’ too.

We’re passionate about what we offer here at Holistic Angels® and we’re committed to removing the; stigma, secrecy or ambiguity that can often shroud spiritual based businesses. We see these as blocks to developing your spirituality. What we offer is a direct, no fuss and down to earth approach to spirituality. We hope to work with you and support you, so that you may step into your wonderful Divine power, truth and wisdom.

To find out more about how you can book spiritual mentoring and for a customised quote please use the contact us page or email us. We look forward to mentoring you on your amazing spiritual path!

Blessings, Jo & Alyssa

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