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You have found your way to this site for a reason. Do you want to explore how to make long lasting positive change in your life? Are you now ready to search inside yourself to experience fulfilment? Maybe you are excited to discover your hidden potential - your authentic self? Whatever your reason for searching for a life coach I believe that every individual has within them the potential to create a wonderful, meaningful and balanced life.

My style of holistic life coaching honours and respects the individual as an expert in their own life, and views them as creative, resourceful and whole. This empowering style of coaching looks at your whole life; work, relationships, health and wellbeing, family, spirituality and fun! In doing so it allows you to take back your power, releasing you from limiting beliefs so that you may fly high towards your dreams!

Coaching supports the empowerment of individual’s so that you are better equipped to manage change and achieve your goals, coaching develops self esteem and increases performance in whatever areas of your life you choose to focus on. My holistic coaching style enables an individual to discover their truth, their authentic and amazing self; it is a powerful, transformative and empowering process of change.

“Life coaching is about transformation – from a caterpillar into a butterfly! It closes the gap between your life and your dreams” – Curly Martin (Professional life coach, author & trainer)

What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is not therapy or counselling, life coaching is about change and facilitating an inner journey of self discovery. Coaching is based upon the here and now and coaching equips you to achieve your future goals, aspirations and dreams. Coaching is an equal partnership and is based upon the premise that you have all of the answers, that you have the key to unlock your potential and guess what that you alone are the only one blocking yourself from achieving your goals! There is good news to this situation however, because equally you also have all of the tools, skills, abilities and talents within you to make the positive changes needed to unlock your creative potential and reach your dreams and goals.

Holistic life coaching is designed to free you from life limiting beliefs, behaviours, negative inner dialogue, thoughts and feelings which create blocks to potential and prevent you from achieving what you want out of life. Often these blocks may be a fear of failure or success, lack of confidence or self belief. Whatever fears may be holding you back I can help you discover and defeat them.

Together we will find your inner voice and listen to it. Holistic life coaching searches deep inside you, it requires commitment and motivation by you to want to change. I believe that facing limitations head on and embracing them can be a powerful catalyst for positive growth; instead of viewing them as obstacles they become opportunities that allow you to grow to become more creative.

As you begin to realise your greatness you will start to manifest the life you really want, reaching your goals and achieving your dreams! I will be there supporting, encouraging and at times challenging you (in the most respectful manner, of course) to achieve your identified goals. I will be cheering you on to succeed whilst measuring, monitoring and supporting you through every step of this life affirming journey. This unique relationship allows you the time and space to safely and confidently explore your motivation, thoughts, beliefs and feelings so that you may begin the transformative process of positive change  for a more fulfilling and harmonious lifestyle.

“When we do the inside work - the work on our inner being- the outside work begins to take care of itself” – Alan Seale (Transformation coach, author, speaker & founder of the Centre for Transformational Presence)

The Benefits of Coaching

  • Transformational process focusing on the here and now so that you can change your future.
  • Improves relationships
  • Increase motivation and creativity
  • Help you live a life that is authentic, joyful, empowered and harmonious.
  • Allows you to transform old patterns that no longer serve you and instead replace them with empowering, life affirming ones
  • Feel more confident, optimistic and positive
  • Find the right balance for your life
  • Discover your authentic self
  • Appreciate and celebrate your skills, abilities and achievements

When can Personal Coaching help you?

  • You feel that something is missing in your life
  • Your self esteem or confidence is low
  • Your work, life balance is off kilter
  • You’re lacking in motivation, feeling drained
  • You have dreams but don’t know where to start
  • You know that you are capable of achieving far more
  • You’re dissatisfied with certain aspects of your life

How is Coaching structured?

  • The sessions will be structured around your needs and what best fits in with your lifestyle
  • Fees will vary depending upon the number and length of sessions booked
  • Each coaching session will  last for one hour
  • Coaching sessions will be either face to face or by telephone

For further information to this or any of our other services please use the contact form or email us, Namaste.

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