The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.“ - LAO TZU


Make 2017 Your Year! - The Mindful Way


Make 2017 your year!
The mindful way. A new year, a new start. You may be considering making some amazing changes to your physical body e.g. more exercise, healthier diet. But starting the year with a solid mind-set foundation will help you, more than perhaps you could even imagine. In this half day workshop 'make 2017 your year, the mindful way' we will cover;
- How to set up a positive start to your day
- Mindfulness practices such as meditation, affirmations, how to use oracle cards to start your day and more.
- How working with high vibrational energy can boost your productivity such as; how to work with the angelic realm.



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“The path of love and the path of insight lead into the same garden” - Stephen Mitchell

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